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Revolutionizing the Music Industry: Introducing SkyDust 3D

Read time: 5 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

In recent years, Music Production has been shifting with spatial audio and technology entering the sector. Musicians have been pushing boundaries in creativity and innovation and are coming up with amazing results. Nonetheless, and as you are used to, we want to raise the level up. Let us present the virtual instrument capable of transforming the way music is created – SkyDust 3D.

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Step by Step: Organize your Sounds with Explorer

Read time: 10 min.    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Explorer is the newest standalone app by Sound Particles to manage your sound libraries. Today, we give you a complete guide to make the best out of it and enhance the experience of searching and editing your sounds in the fastest way possible!

We all know there are a bunch of programs to manage our sound collections (and good ones!) so how is Explorer different from them? That's easy! It’s the only one supporting surround and immersive files

You probably know that we are huge fans of spatial audio so we want every user to have a better experience with spatial audio. With Explorer, if you want to play an Ambisonics recording, you should be able to hear it automatically decoded to your existing speaker setup, allowing you to make the right decision about the sound.

Well, now that you know what Explorer is, let’s see how to use it (we promise it’ll go by in a snap) - oh, and it’s free! ;) 

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Why Using Motion in Audio & Music Matters | Sound Particles Talks #1

Read time: 7 min.    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

On Thursday, October 13th, the first Sound Particles Talks took place, a new Livestream show to discuss topics of the industry, demonstrate products in a practical way and connect with the audio community.

In a casual and funny way, once a month, Tony Joy, a specialist in the audio industry and a Sound Particles team member, will be live streaming on YouTube to talk about relevant topics with the audience. “Sound Particles Talks” is a place for all Sound Particles audience and clients to share their opinions, thoughts, questions, and feedback but specially to connect with the audio industry by discussing relevant topics for the community.

The first talk was focused on Why Using Motion in Audio & Music Mattersand the discussion covered how using motion in post-production and music creation can really impact and heighten the experience of the listener.

The Sound Particles team had an amazing time with its extremely engaging audience that was actively asking questions and leaving comments. We had an amazing coffee chat and we hope you did too :) 

If you couldn't join, here's a wrap-up!

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What is Binaural?

Read time: 4 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We're almost there!

In this blog post, we will talk about the last topic of the "All You Need to Know About 3D Audio" series: binaural!  

The reproduction of 3D sound using headphones is called Binaural audio, and it doesn’t require any special type of headphones, being a fundamental tool for anyone working in immersive sound. Let's dive into it!

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What is Ambisonics?

Read time: 6 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Now that we talked about channel-based audio and object-based audio, it's time to talk about Ambisonics and how to best use it.

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What is Object-based Audio?

Read time: 5 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Now that you know everything about channel-based audio, it's time to get to the next topic: object-based audio, which includes formats like Dolby Atmos, which you probably already heard about.

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What is Channel-based Audio?

Read time: 7 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Would you like to master Spatial Audio? If so, we're here to help you!

We've created a new video series that goes in-depth into this topic. Let's start with channel-based audio. 

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"All You Need To Know about 3D Audio" Webinars

Read time: 6 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

On Wednesday, April 13th, and Thursday, April 21st of 2022, the Sound Particles webinars “All You Need to Know About 3D Audio” took place. Organized by the Sound Particles Marketing team, together with the speaker, Nuno Fonseca, the event was remarkably engaging.

With more than 1600 people registered for the webinars, the events were nothing but a success! The audience questions contributed to very engaging and active Q&A sessions that were carried out by the speaker, Nuno Fonseca.

During the two parts that made this webinar, the participants had the chance to get to know all the basics to start diving into the 3D audio world with four main topics: channel based-audio, object-based audio, Ambisonics and binaural.

And because we don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to access all this information, we will, in a fast and clear way, give you a snippet of what was presented during the events.

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How does sound designer Will Digby use Sound Particles?

Read time: 17 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Will Digby is a sound designer, sound effects editor and supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer, who has worked on projects you are probably familiar with, such as Greyhound, Defending Jacob and even Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! He is an Emmy winner as well as a Golden Reel winner, and he allowed us to pick his brains about how his career has evolved, his latest project and how he uses Sound Particles in his many projects.

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How to use Sound Particles to create incredible sound

Read time: 15 min.    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

We have interviewed amazingly talented professionals recently, and even though their talent is what makes them stand out, the tools they use are what allow them to keep innovating, creating, and setting the standards in the audio world.
Fortunately, a lot of them have used Sound Particles and have told us all about their experiences. Here's how these audio professionals have used the software in the movies they've worked on, and the type of sounds they were able to achieve.

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How Tim Farrell used Sound Particles on Star Trek: Discovery and The Walking Dead

Read time: 20 min.    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Tim Farrell is a Sound Effects Editor that has worked on big TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Star Trek: Discovery. He sat down with us to chat about how his career evolved, the most challenging parts of his job, and what he loves most about creating all types of sound effects - including what his surprising favorite sound effect is. Here's all about Tim and also how he loves to use Sound Particles!

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And the 93rd Oscar Nominees Are...

Read time: 10 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

The 93rd Oscars nominees were announced earlier today, covering a wide range of genres, departments and talent. However, for sound and music lovers like us, there are a set of results that interest us more than others, and we got these results ready for you to read! And here are the nominees...

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