Revolutionizing the Music Industry: Introducing SkyDust 3D

Posted by Catarina Chagas on May 2

In recent years, Music Production has been shifting with spatial audio and technology entering the sector. Musicians have been pushing boundaries in creativity and innovation and are coming up with amazing results. Nonetheless, and as you are used to, we want to raise the level up. Let us present the virtual instrument capable of transforming the way music is created – SkyDust 3D.

SkyDust 3D is the spatial synthesizer where you play a note and get instant 3D sound in any immersive format. Available in two versions – SkyDust Stereo for stereo and binaural, and SkyDust 3D with the full power of 3D – it was conceived to elevate the productions of all music and audio professionals. In this article, we’ll overview some of the amazing features of SkyDust 3D. Without further ado, let’s get this started.


First of all, let’s talk about presets. We know it’s one of the most valued features of synths and there are a lot of great presets available on the market. On our synthesizer, we offer hundreds of presets and we’re already working on more for the next upcoming version. SkyDust 3D also features sub-presets that you can save/load in multiple parts of the synth, such as sequences, pitch effects, FM settings… And it’s not all. The Random Presets is a feature that we’re sure you will also love.

With random presets you can lock the modules that you want to keep unchanged: arpeggiator, spatial, pitch, or timbre. If you’re looking for happy accidents, either in stereo or spatial audio, this is it. Btw, if you want to have your preset in SkyDust 3D, apply here - it is available to everyone.

The fully integrated 3D engine, as you might recall, is our specialty. From Spatial Sequencer where you can pan each step note in 3D, to 8 independent oscillators fully customizable, here is where the magic happens. SkyDust 3D has multiple 3D views to help you understand what’s happening and has our unique “Darth Vader” 3D view, which merges the advantages of sphere-based and cube-based panners and allows you to slightly diverge your note positions. The features in spatial are endless and you can set your environment into wherever you desire – Dolby Atmos, Binaural, Ambisonics up to 6th order…. The game is on, and you can learn more about this here!


With a modern approach to the Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Oscillators, and FM Modulation, you are now able to create fantastic note sequences in more creative and interesting ways. You can customize every aspect and connection between operators with our FM matrix – believe us, the sky is the limit! The best results sometimes require fine-tuning, so you have available the Curve Editor, our Mixer, FX, extra EGs, and extra LFOs that help you shape the sound exactly the way you want to.

3 pannels

One of the key advantages of SkyDust 3D is its easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re an expert or an autodidact, our synth interface allows you to explore 3D sound and create outstanding tracks easily. Of course, as with any new technology, a learning curve is involved. That’s why we are preparing a set of tutorials to help you out. Check them out here.

SkyDust 3D is a revolutionary synth that promises to transform the way music is created. Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with us, we’ll be happy to hear them. And don’t forget, we are making History!

If you don't have SkyDust 3D yet, download a free trial version 👇


Stay tuned and join the revolution!



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