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Spatial Talks w/ Greg Penny

Read time: 5 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Greg Penny is a record producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, musician, songwriter and artist. He is best known for his collaborations with Elton John, Harry Styles, Norah Jones, Sting, Stevie Wonder, The Weeknd, and k.d. lang. He worked on Grammy-winning albums and was nominated for a Grammy Award himself. This multi-talented artist was also the mixer of Elton John's "Honky Château" - the first track in the world mixed in Dolby Atmos. As the president of Flower Records, he continues to produce records and has contributed significantly to the music industry. 

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Spatial Talks w/ Ross Lara

Read time: 4 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Ross Lara is a composer, producer, sound designer, engineer, and member of The Spacies. He has worked with Red Bull, Meta Platforms, Epic Games, and Billboard-charting artists, and his innovative approach with immersive sound led to award-winning film scores, game compositions, and 600M+ streams. His unique approach to music composition involves writing and composing in spatial from the very first note, embracing an immersive environment that takes his creativity to new heights. With 20 years of experience in stereo, Ross shares his passion for sound and music and how this led him to explore the world of spatial.

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Getting to know the mind behind Sound Particles

Read time: 15 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

For Sound Particles, it all started way back in 2005 when this company was nothing but a dream in Nuno Fonseca's mind, a small idea that was too big to ever be brought to fruition.
Here's the great part about this story - how the small start-up that could went from being the brainchild of a university professor to developing a software being used in all major Hollywood studios, being integrated in AAA video games, and being an indispensable tool for a lot of sound professionals.
In this interview, Nuno tells us all about his career path, the growth of Sound Particles and his passion for 3D Audio.

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Interview with Eduardo Magalhães

Read time: 17 min.    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Camel 101 is a portuguese video game company that just released their new game Those Who Remain. Eduardo Magalhães, responsible for all the sounds in the game along with João Mascarenhas (the other sound designer and composer), talked to us about his process of creating this world through audio and, more specifically, how Sound Particles played a part in that.

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Interview with Jeremy Peirson

Read time: 15 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We interviewed Jeremy Peirson, a Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, and Re-recording Mixer for the Apple+ show See. Peirson has dozens of credits on different projects and he has also been a Sound Particles user for quite some time. We were fortune to have him sit down with us for this interview and talk about all things related to audio work and Sound Particles.

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Using Sound Particles to turn a few recordings into a crowd with Jeremy Peirson

Read time: 10 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We interviewed Jeremy Peirson; Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, and Re-recording Mixer for the Apple+ show See. For this show, Jeremy had very specific challenges when designing the sounds for a future world where mankind has been left blind. We talked to him about how Sound Particles helped him on that journey.

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Short Interview with David Acord

Read time: 6 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We interviewed David Acord, a Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, and Re-recording Mixer for Skywalker Sound. Acord has dozens of credits and was nominated for two Academy Awards: Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2016, and the recently released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He has also been a Sound Particles user for quite some time.

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Interview with Kyrsten Mate

Read time: 9 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We interviewed Kyrsten Mate from Skywalker Sound, a sound designer with nearly 100 credits, including “The Great Wall” movie.

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Interview with Jussi Tegelman

Read time: 8 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Jussi Tegelman is a sound supervisor, designer and mixer, part of the sound team of Sony Pictures, with more than 100 credits, including Disney’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” (supervising sound editor) or the remake of “Poltergeist” (supervising sound editor).

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