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What is Binaural?

Read time: 4 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

We're almost there!

In this blog post, we will talk about the last topic of the "All You Need to Know About 3D Audio" series: binaural!  

The reproduction of 3D sound using headphones is called Binaural audio, and it doesn’t require any special type of headphones, being a fundamental tool for anyone working in immersive sound. Let's dive into it!

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What is Ambisonics?

Read time: 6 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Now that we talked about channel-based audio and object-based audio, it's time to talk about Ambisonics and how to best use it.

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What is Object-based Audio?

Read time: 5 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Now that you know everything about channel-based audio, it's time to get to the next topic: object-based audio, which includes formats like Dolby Atmos, which you probably already heard about.

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What is Channel-based Audio?

Read time: 7 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

Would you like to master Spatial Audio? If so, we're here to help you!

We've created a new video series that goes in-depth into this topic. Let's start with channel-based audio. 

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"All You Need To Know about 3D Audio" Webinars

Read time: 6 min.    Proficiency Level: Beginner

On Wednesday, April 13th, and Thursday, April 21st of 2022, the Sound Particles webinars “All You Need to Know About 3D Audio” took place. Organized by the Sound Particles Marketing team, together with the speaker, Nuno Fonseca, the event was remarkably engaging.

With more than 1600 people registered for the webinars, the events were nothing but a success! The audience questions contributed to very engaging and active Q&A sessions that were carried out by the speaker, Nuno Fonseca.

During the two parts that made this webinar, the participants had the chance to get to know all the basics to start diving into the 3D audio world with four main topics: channel based-audio, object-based audio, Ambisonics and binaural.

And because we don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to access all this information, we will, in a fast and clear way, give you a snippet of what was presented during the events.

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