Improvise with Sound Particles

Posted by Iolanda Santos on Apr 20

We’ve released a trilogy of tutorials that we hope will inspire you to unleash your creativity with Sound Particles, as well as teach you tools and tricks that you might not have known yet.

Coming into recording these tutorials, we didn’t have a specific goal in mind on what we wanted to do when we opened the software - we just knew we wanted to play around and create some interesting sounds.

Creating a rich soundscape

With our first tutorial of this series, we ended up building a full earthquake soundscape complete with rumbles, glass breaking, and crashes.

Some of the tools we used in this one were particle systems, movement modifiers, rotation velocity and audio modifiers such as gain and delay. We also used automation points to create a more dynamic experience.


Building a sound effect from scratch

For our second tutorial, what started as a showcase of the new preset functionality, ended up becoming the sound of a sci-fi spaceship taking off.

In this case, we started with a preset called Rotating Ring and changed it from there to adapt it to our needs.

We used rotation acceleration, microphone position and position automation to create the final sound.


Enhancing a unique sound

On the third and last tutorial of the series, we wanted to show you that it’s not always about the quantity of the particles, but the quality.

We grabbed a preset called “Mosquito” and with it, we thought we could enhance the sound of a pre-made recording of a mosquito flying. We started with selecting the right type of microphone and after getting the first particle sound right, we started duplicating it multiple times and changing the rotation velocity of each new track.

This technique enriched the sound of the pre-made recordings and enhanced the quality of the sound we started with.


These tutorials show just a few ways you can use Sound Particles to create some really fun and interesting sounds, as well as rich soundscapes. 

For more tutorials, you can watch our playlist on Youtube.

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